Sean O'Connor: Voice Actor,  Writer,  Humorist.
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It doesn't seem to matter how long I've lived in Seattle (since 1991), people meeting me for the first time inevitably make the same observation: "You're not from here, are you?"

And while, "You gotta a problem wit dat?" is one possible response, my East Coast attitude isn't really that raw. Truth is, I love Seattle and the upper left-hand corner and very much consider myself a Seattleite.

Funny - or an attempt at - tends to be my default script - I'm an award-winning humor writer (no kidding!). But put a serious script in front of me and I can sell Surgeon General warnings to stuntmen. Seriously.

When I'm not slaving over a hot microphone for my corporate and commercial clients, I write deeply superficial essays for publication and radio and, on occasion, stand on a stage and perform.

You should find some links around here somewhere with my contact information, my resume, my voice demos, my agent, and other tools of the trade.

Thanks for stopping by and if you need anything at all, don't hesitate to call or write.

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